ColourPop Check Please Matte Lux Yellow Lipstick: My Experience

Today I’m going to review an amazing “Yellow Lipstick” Shade from ColorPop Cosmetics in this Nyx Lipstick blog.

My Views On Yellow Lipstick

Well, The Lux lipstick should have an extravagant, agreeable, matte equation with line obscuring innovation and delightful rose gold metal bundling. I have bought the shades “Check Please,” and “Paparazzi” to test this new yellow lipstick matte rendition of Lux lipsticks. In this post, I would share my experience on yellow lipstick looks “Check Please.” 😉


$7.00 USD for 0.12 oz

Item Description

yellow lipstick

Lux it up, Stacked with cancer prevention agent rich concentrates, this yellow lipstick matte velvet matte, long-wearing lipstick coasts on the lips for exceptional pigmentation. And a delicate obscuring finish in shades made for each skin tone.

Wearing this brilliant yellow-orange?

This full inclusion yellow matte lipstick is pressed brimming with the best shades to give you long-wearing, real nature in all the shades. The velvet matte lipstick completion is agreeable and non-drying, while delicate obscuring colors decrease the vibe of scarce differences.

Advanced with Pomegranate, Goji Fruit, and Green Seed concentrates to shield your lips from natural stressors and untimely maturing

My Experience with ColourPop Check Please Matte Lux Yellow Lipstick

yellow lipstick



The bundling of the ColourPop Lux lipstick is extravagant. The lipstick arrives in a lovely, metal rose gold bundling with minimal gold stars on top of it. The lipstick tube has a little weight to it. The lower part of the cylinder shows the name “Check Please“.

My past lux lipsticks had shading composed stickers which assisted me with recognizing the lipstick conceal when I put away the lipsticks on my vanity. Nonetheless, this yellow lipstick didn’t accompany any shading composed sticker, which is a significant bummer.

The lipstick arrives in a white cardboard external bundling with a fixings list referenced on it. The slug of the lipstick likewise has stars emblazoned on it. By and large, the bundling is extremely rich, tough, and travel friendly.

Shade And Finish


Check Please” is portrayed as a “brilliant yellow-orange” shading, and I can see that is a very neon orangey-yellow shade. This matte lipstick shade is an ideal splendid summer tone. This yellow lipstick will suit all dark skin tones.

Check Please” is truly agreeable to wear. The completion is extremely matte and the lipstick skims on the lips without any problem. There is no pulling or pulling.


Matte Lipstick

The surface of this lipstick is matte. It’s very much like their matte x form of lippie stix. The lipstick has extreme pigmentation. It feels lightweight on the lips. And is injected with grapeseed, jojoba, and pomegranate seed spreads.

It gives a ton of sustenance to my dry lips. The matte lipstick is extremely simple to apply. I utilize a lip liner and afterward fill in the lipstick with the assistance of a lip brush. The lipstick professes to have delicate obscuring innovation, nonetheless.

I haven’t seen that it obscured the lines all the rage. This matte lipstick gives a stout and more full look to my lips. The lipstick has a weak vanilla aroma to it which isn’t overwhelming.

Pigmentation And Coverage

This yellow matte lipstick is super pigmented anyway this specific shade is sketchy. I need to swipe on numerous occasions to cover the entire lips.


The resilience is great with this matte lipstick. It stays all the rage for a decent 4 to 5 hours; notwithstanding, it begins to blur effectively in the event that you eat suppers or drink water.

Generally speaking, I am truly content with this yellow lipstick. This matte lipstick can be effortlessly taken out with a cosmetics remover.

Pros And Cons Of Colourpop Check Please Yellow Lux Lipstick

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-down” show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Matte lipstick

Stunning, yellowish-orange shade

Extremely pigmented

Luxurious rose gold metal bundling

Infused with jojoba, grapeseed, and pomegranate seed spreads


Doesn’t obscure the lines all the rage

I hope I have covered all the catches of this Yellow Lipstick. Isn’t?

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