Red Lip Makeup Look Nyx Round Lipstick Tea Rose: Review

Everyone wants Red lip makeup look. So, this Nyx Lipstick blog post is all about Red lip makeup look and is about my present old love for “NYX COSMETICS“. The adoration for this brand was pretty old however the difference in value climb (I concede I was minimally disillusioned with new cost) may make me question my old love.

Red Lip Makeup Look: Review

I was pretty obsessed with NYX Professional makeup at one point since they’re so moderate! It appeared to be legitimate to get a lot of shades since they’re so modest, and I pulled a few unique tones. In any case, my cosmetics dependence has now been relieved.

I have disposed of a lot of my cosmetics, and rather kept things that I really use. One of those is the NYX Lipstick in Nyx Round Lipstick Tea Rose for natural makeup with red lipstick. My skin tone is warm and is medium with yellow feelings. I frequently discover lighter pink shades to be a lot on the cool side, or looking too unnaturally, misleadingly light all over.

In general, I go for characteristic looks and am not very valiant with intense shadings, particularly with Nyx lipstick. Nyx Round Lipstick Tea Rose is the perfect light pink tone for me. It’s an agreeable, humble, light pink that lights up my face pleasantly. It has no shone and has a silk finish.


INR.625/- for 4.5gm


Available on Nyx Professional makeup website and now at NYKAA Stores and website as well. You need to search for the Nyx store near me on Google.

About Nyx Round Lipstick Tea Rose

This NYX Lipstick Round Lipstick Tea Rose is smooth and damp with each application!

This is a velvet-finished lip cream that covers the lips with rich shading that smoothes and dampens lips with every application. NYX Lipstick is NYX cosmetics top of line lipstick which is awesome for Red lip makeup look.


Red lip makeup look Nyx Lipstick

The lipstick arrives in a highly contrasting straightforward combo bundling. The peep-through of shading between the dark case and the cap made it simple to perceive the shade from outside. The base of the case is minimal wobbly that the case probably won’t be fitted well.

As at whatever point I take out the lipstick from my reserve I can feel something is mobile inside the situation. Fortunately, it doesn’t hamper the lipstick or its base.


For Red lip makeup look the lipstick NYX ROUND LIPSTICK TEA ROSE is an excellent nonpartisan pink lipstick in the matte surface that will suit generally reasonable for medium skin tone wonders. The matte surface is very agreeable all the rage and it doesn’t pull or pull my lips during application.

It has a mellow plastic smell that scarcely I can smell. This Nyx lipstick is very pigmented, as 1-2 swipes are sufficient to get the genuine shading.


This Nyx matte lipstick is a lovely pink unbiased shade that is ideal for day wear and can be pair up with Smokey eyes as well which is best for Red lip makeup look. It is very pigmented as I told you before and it remains pretty 5 hours all the rage. It blurs somewhat in the wake of having hefty slick food so clean up is essential after a supper.

In spite of the fact that it is Nyx matte lipstick (as it claims). However, it is really a silk matte. It is very agreeable all the rage. The lipstick neither fade nor sketchy.

The smell of the lipstick resembles plastic which is small disturbing and touch peculiar as well however it is mellow to the point that I scarcely can smell it, so I chose to give it a pass for my Red lip makeup look 🙂


Red lip makeup look Nyx Lipstick

As I told you before that the lipstick is an impartial pink shade so I thought it is a serious dupable one. However, when I contrast and not many of my nonpartisan pink lipsticks with it I scarcely discovered the precise dupe of it yet at the same time.


  • I like the pretty shade of Nyx Round Lipstick Tea Rose and furthermore that NYX Professional Makeup has endless shades of Lipsticks to browse
  • The shading is pleasantly pigmented and not sheer
  • It’s truly economical
  • Shade doesn’t aggravate my lips or leave them feeling extremely dry
  • The bottle has a transparent base which allows you to see the shade of the lipstick-makes it simple to discover the shade you need while experiencing your lippies


  • It has a leathery aroma that isn’t overwhelming, yet it makes me consider eating cleanser now and then. I wish it were unscented all things being equal for my Red lip makeup look
  • In spite of the fact that it doesn’t leave my lips feeling extremely dry, it doesn’t feel saturated by the same token
  • It appears to underline the lines all the rage apiece and any dried out regions. This reminds me to consistently make a point to peel and saturate the lips prior to utilizing any lip tone
  • The shading doesn’t keep going excessively long. It blurs altogether after I take a beverage or something

Red lip

It very well may be difficult to arrange or not valued as economically in case you’re outside the USA. I bought mine from a store in the USA and had them delivered to me. (During my USA Tour)

Generally, this item for Red lip makeup look is simply okay okay for me, but not great either, however that is alright thinking about its cost. I would suggest this and NYX Lipstick when all is said in done in case you’re searching for a lipstick that is cheap, pigmented, and has a wide cluster of conceals to browse.

You wouldn’t see any problems with it being scented or the additional progression of shedding and saturating the lips before application. Nyx Round Lipstick Tea Rose is a pleasant decision for those looking for a wearable, inconspicuous light pink shade.


  • A flexible shade
  • Delicate and smooth surface
  • Saturating recipe
  • Good fortitude
  • Doesn’t complement lip lines neither gets comfortable the lines
  • Modestly and affordable cost
  • No scent


  • The bundling is somewhat shaky
  • Shade of lipstick softens appallingly
  • might drain if over-applied

Which one is your favorite brand for Red lip makeup look?

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