Nyx Lip Lingerie Seduction Swatch: The Trend

Searching for the ideal nude liquid lipstickNYX Lipstick has you covered with Nyx Lip Lingerie range, which has each kind of nude believable – from pinks and earthy colors to plums and beiges. The reach presently flaunts 24 shades!!!

I’ve gotten 6 of them to play with 😉

Nyx Lip Lingerie Seduction Swatch

Nyx Lip Lingerie

It’s a Nyx seduction swatch liquid lipstick formula that dries to a matte completion. Accompanies a doe foot wand, and I’ve seen the wand is somewhat skinnier than most different items, which permits a more exact application.

As should be obvious from the samples underneath, the shading result and pigmentation is perfect.

Nyx Lip Lingerie certainly falls under the “Comfort Matte” class, as it doesn’t dry out my lips contrasted with a couple of different formulas I’ve experienced.

Regarding longevity, keeps going in any event 4 hours on me prior to indicating some wear.

Shade Description

Baby Doll shade is a pinky nude in color with cool tones

Seduction is a warm orange nude

Beauty Mark is a warm brown

Satin Ribbon is a beige nude

Honeymoon is a neutral brown

Embellishment: A plummy nude swatch with brownish tones

Today I will review one of the liquid lipsticks from NYX Professional Makeup. It’s has a place with their ‘Nyx Lip Lingerie’ reach and this shade is called NYX seduction swatch.

Nyx Lip Lingerie

Seduction Swatch

Nyx lipstick seduction swatches is an extravagant Nyx liquid lipstick with a rich matte completion. Its hot shade covers the bends of the lips with a compellingly smooth tone.


$7 for 4 ml

Nyx Lipstick Seduction Swatches Description

Slip into something enticing with Nyx seduction swatch, our sumptuous Nyx liquid lipstick with a richmatte completion. Accessible in the shading kissed tones you know and love—from cinnamon pink and chocolate earthy colored, to warm mahogany red and exemplary nude beige—in addition, 12 fresh out of the box new nudes. Each steamy shade will cover the bends of your lips with overpoweringly velvety shading.

Bundling/ Packaging

This NYX lip lingerie shading arrives in a straightforward plastic round and a hollow compartment with a dark plastic cover. The bundling is strong and smooth simultaneously.

Its shape and size are exceptionally advantageous to convey while traveling. All the composed subtleties are available in the body of the item alongside a full fixing list. Generally, it’s a pleasant bundling; exquisite, complain free, and easy to use.

The Surface Of Nyx Seduction Swatch

Seduction Swatch

Nyx lingerie is a liquid lipstick yet its consistency is thick, more like a lip cream. When it connects with air, it takes a couple of moments just to get totally drymatte. Along these lines, I should be very snappy with the application, or the unforgiving formula would settle down. The recipe of this lip tone contributes enormously to its fortitude.

Shade Of Nyx Seduction Swatch

Nyx seduction swatch is a nude earthy colored shade with warm hints. This Nyx Seduction Swatch shade is only a couple of tones hazier than my medium pigmented lips. It tends to be an ideal ‘my lips however better‘ sort of a shade for warm conditioned Indian and US compositions.

Nyx Lingerie shade can be matched with smokey eyes and worn both day and night events. This Nyx seduction swatch is appropriate for everybody beginning from school-going girls to married women as well. With this shade, an unobtrusive corporate cosmetics look can be made without any problem.

Pigmentation Of Nyx Lipstick Seduction Swatches

This NYX lingerie liquid tone has amazing shading results. Simply a solitary coat is sufficient to get full darkness. Normally, the real nature of this item will show on even the most pigmented lips.

Resilience Of Nyx Lingerie

This NYX lingerie remains endlessly for my lips. It remains all the rage for 8-9 hours with dinnerstidbits, and beverages in the middle. Yet, with extremely weighty sleek dinners, the shading begins to blur from the center of the lips. This one is a real sense doesn’t move until I utilize an oil-based cosmetics remover.

My Experience With Nyx Seduction Swatch


NYX Professional makeup has been delivering so numerous amazing items recently! All the more as of late, numerous new lines of Nyx Lipstick and some extra shades were added to their most mainstream Nyx lipstick seduction swatches and Nyx Lingerie liquid lipstick lines. Beforehand there were 12 tones in this reach and now 12 additional shades have been added. Henceforth, presently there 24 shades in this reach, which are basically nudes and neutrals. The majority of the shadings in this line are light, however, I picked one of their hazier shades, seduction swatch.

NYX professional makeup portrays this tone as a warm mahogany red. This exotic NYX swatch, notwithstanding, is a quieted block red; it is fairly similar to an earthenware tone with an orange hint. I love this tone! It is one of a kind and will supplement all skin tones.

At this point when worn, the exotic NYX swatch looks wonderful and attractive. Exotic NYX swatch is probably the best shade for medium to dim cleaned marvels. This NYX Lipstick comes bundled like a lip shine, like Kylie lip sparkle, with a doe-foot utensil.

Nyx Seduction Swatch Experience

Nyx Lip Lingerie

The doe-foot instrument is marginally more and skinnier contrasted with the tool in their delicate matte lip cream range. The doe-foot implement of NYX lipstick makes the application simple and exact.

The consistency is mousse-like as it floats all the rage without any problem. I have seen that the lipstick takes a couple of seconds to turn matte all the rage. Exotic Nyx swatch likewise has a touch of tenacity to it when you press your lips together. However, it’s not all that staggeringly crude that it’s irritating to wear.

Exotic Nyx swatch tends to be marginally drying after some time, yet I don’t think it dries out my lips a great deal. In any case, Nyx lingerie is better that you applied this on very much shed and prepared lips; else, it might upgrade the defects of your lips, for example, dryness and almost negligible differences.

The Nyx lipstick seduction swatches can be clumpy and dirty during the application, which is exceptionally irritating. These components make the utilization of the lipstick more lopsided and more covers are required. Outlandish goes on for around 5 to 6 hours all the rage and can endure a quick bite.

It moves softly after oily suppers. The expulsion of the Nyx lipstick is somewhat troublesome. An oil-based cosmetics remover is needed for appropriate expulsion. Nyx lipstick has been guaranteed that this shade is a trick.

However, this Nyx lingerie shade looks more orangey-red on my pigmented lips. In any case, I totally love Nyx lingerie toneExotic Nyx swatch is a remarkable shade and has brought me numerous commendations.

Pros And Cons Of Nyx lip lingerie lipstick

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-down” show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Unique earthenware conceal

Slim shaped

Lasts up to 5 to 6 hours

Nice, basic bundling

Survives suppers

Warm earthy colored nude lip shading reasonable for Indian skin

Exceptional pigmentation

Amazing fortitude

Move evidence matte completion

Doesn’t sink into scarcely discernible differences of lips[/i2pros][i2cons]Streaky application

A touch of drying on the lips

Removal is monotonous

Can be drying for moistureless lips[/i2cons][/i2pc]

I would purchase this Nyx lipstick in Exotic Nyx swatch again on the grounds that the shade lights up my face and gives impressive execution both fortitude savvy and pigmentation astute.

I would prescribe this Nyx Lipstick shade to everybody with each skin tone. Both cosmetics tenderfoots and experienced ones will adore it!

Excited to buy Nyx Lip Lingerie Seduction swatch from Nyx Lipstick?

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