Nyx Born To Glow Foundation Swatches Review & My Experience

I have been trying out the most recent foundation from NYX Cosmetics and getting on truly well. Look at my Nyx born to glow foundation swatches review.

I’m generally watching out for a decent quality, overly reasonable foundation and this is unquestionably one of them. Nyx born to glow naturally radiant foundation swatches has a stunning brilliant completion, which is exactly how I like foundation.

What is Nyx Born To Glow Foundation Swatches?

Nyx Lipstick

Available in a scope of 45 shades

Delivers buildable medium pigmentation

Gives a normally brilliant completion

Long enduring formula

Nyx born to glow foundation shade swatches are easy to mix

Nyx Professional Makeup Born To Glow Naturally Radiant Foundation

Nyx total control drop

I have two of the more pleasant Nyx born to glow foundation colour swatches shades to show you. There are 45 shades in the full reach and the slope is very acceptable, so I’d envision a great many people will actually want to discover their match.

Item Description

From sheer to full, your optimal pigmentation is simply dropped away with Nyx Cosmetics’ new Total Control Drop Foundation! Tweak this smooth, matte foundation with the included dropper. Just change the number of drops until you make the look you’re feelin’ today.

Need more pigmentation? Add more drops! Buff expertly utilizing the complete total control drop foundation brush for a genuinely smooth completion.


$14 for 13 ml

My Experience with NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

Nyx born to glow foundation swatches

This foundation arrives in a dark card box with fewer insights regarding the item. NYX Total Control Drop Foundation arrives in a glass bottle with a dropper. NYX Total Control Drop foundation contains just 13 ml of the item – costly for a drugstore foundation.

The card box coordinates to shake a long time before use and the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation is so liquidy inconsistency that when I opened it. I incidentally spilled a lot of items on my outfit!

The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation has a slim consistency yet spreads effectively, permitting time for legitimate mixing. Nyx born to glow naturally radiant foundation shades mixes well and don’t wind up in streaks or fixes.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation dries to a semi-matte completion – no glow except for not dead matte face either which is the ideal completion for slick mix skin, in summers particularly. There is no scent in the product.

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Pigmentation

Nyx born to glow foundation swatches

There has been a great deal of discussion on which device to use for applying this foundation. NYX cosmetics says 2 drops for sheer pigmentation, 3 drops for medium, and 4 drops to get full pigmentation. However truly, 4 drops give you a sheer pigmentation and you need significantly more items to get full pigmentation from the foundation.

In any case, the surface, pigmentation, and finish are generally so fulfilling to me that I wouldn’t fret about developing it to full pigmentationNYX Total Control Drop doesn’t look cakey and feels amazingly lightweight on the skin.

NYX cosmetics additionally dispatched a particular foundation brush with a well alongside the foundation, valued at $14 however I didn’t buy it.

NYX Total Control Drop foundation doesn’t highlight pores or cause breakouts. However, it subsides into giggle lines following 4-5 hours. The shade range merits lauding; NYX cosmetics has consolidated each suggestion in the shade range.


You can undoubtedly discover a match in light of the fact that there are 3-4 shades of various power for pink, yellow, olive, and profound connotations. Additionally, there is the finished pictorial rule on the authority site to lead you through shade determination.

The pigmentation is eminent and considerably sheer pigmentation with 4-5 drops shrouds my imperfections and sunspots, giving them an even and perfect look 😉

NYX Total Control Drop foundation wears for 5 – 6 hours greatest when used without a groundwork and there isn’t any abundance sleek emission issue in my t-zone, which makes the item appropriate for typical, slick, and mixed skin types. The shade Beige (11) is an ideal counterpart for my NC 25-30 skin tone.

Pros And Cons of NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-down” show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]The extended shade range for each connotation and appearance

Easily blendable and simple application

Love the surface and semi-matte completion

Doesn’t complement pores or cause breakouts

Sheer to full pigmentation, contingent upon how many items you are utilizing

Without fragrance formula

Suitable for typical, sleek, and mix skin types

Decent wearing time

Natural-looking foundation and lightweight on the skin[/i2pros][i2cons]The bottle gets untidy in light of the fact that the item is extremely runny inconsistency

No SPF included

Expensive on the grounds that 13ml valued at $14 from a drugstore brand[/i2cons][/i2pc]

My Overall Experience: Nyx Born To Glow Foundation Swatches


I truly like the appearance of this NYX Born to Glow on my skin. I went for shade Light and am quite satisfied with the match.

At the point when it’s previously applied, it gives the skin a normally brilliant, somewhat smooth obscuring finish. After a touch of wear, it gets somewhat dewier which I truly like.

What’s more, despite the fact that NYX Born to Glow is glowy, it isn’t slick and I don’t find that it accentuates the surface in my skin or compounds pores. So it functions admirably for my skin type.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation?

Indeed, I don’t have any idea why however I recommend NYX Born to Glow for regular use. I unquestionably suggest NYX Born to Glow Foundation on the grounds that my whole review depended on considering the item as a foundation yet you can use NYX Born to Glow as “custom drops” also to change the shade of a hazier or lighter foundation.

NYX Born to Glow Foundation gives a decent medium pigmentation and covers redness easily. It likewise endures well on my skin (I mix to dry with a somewhat oil t-zone. And I found that it just began to wear on my nose a short while after around 6 hours. I wear glasses a great deal when I work and any breakage was really simple to finish up without adding any item.

So, this was my Nyx born to glow foundation swatches review, hope you girls like it 😉

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