MAC RUSSIAN RED Is Essential For Your beauty

What is it about Mac Russian red that in a real sense shouts solid, ladylike power? I have never gotten it. However, I have seen it in real life. Red Lipstick totally doesn’t make a difference in what you are wearing. It doesn’t make a difference how dull you may look.

Simply that dash of red lipstick and you are prepared to shake n roll!! Every young lady MUST have in any event one red lipstick in her reserve. I really am blameworthy of having a few a large number of them.

Today I am reviewing the famous MAC Russian Red Lipstick in this Nyx Lipstick blog!

About Mac Russian Red  Lipstick

Mac russian red

Evidently, harking back to the 90’s Madonna referenced it as her top choice. From that point forward, there has been no thinking back for this Russian red mac lipstick. This has been the No. 1 MAC red lipstick for right around 30 years now!!

You heard it right-in spite of their notable Ruby Woo!! No big surprise Mac Russian swatch is a flat-out top choice of entertainers and superstars!!

What is it?

MAC Lip Liner

A Matte Red Lipstick, reasonable for all you women, who are feeling bold today 😉


1450/- INR

US$ 17

What The Brand Claims About MAC Red Matte Lipstick

Detailed to conceal, characterize, and exhibit your lips. This Iconic item has put MAC Cosmetics on the map.

Step By Step Instructions To Use

Peel your lips well. Apply a lip emollient, at any rate, 10 minutes prior, applying this matte lipstick.

My Experience with MAC Russian Red Lipstick

This Mac Russian swatch accompanies the standard solid MAC shot. I totally love their basic and strong bundling. The Russian Red Lipstick itself is a smooth matte. Not at all like their retro matte completes that will in general dry the lips, this one doesn’t dry the lips that much. Mac Russian Swatch is truly smooth to apply and doesn’t delay the lips.

I unequivocally suggest you peel your lips with a delicate brush/lip scour prior to applying this Mac Red lipstick. The Mac Red lipstick looks truly downright terrible dried-out lips. I myself prepared my lips before these patterns.

Russian Red Lipstick has a light vanilla fragrance that is an average of MAC lipsticks. It isn’t vexatious and evaporates after a couple of minutes. So this will not trouble even delicate noses. The texture of these Mac Russian red lipsticks is great.

More About Russian Red Swatch

MAC Cosmetics

Till now, I have never heard a solitary awful encounter from anybody. The fortitude of this MAC lipstick is additionally great. Regularly it would last between 5-6 hours without final details. When it sets, it doesn’t move much. The possible time you must be cautious is the point at which you are eating messy or sleek stuff.

As should be obvious from the swatches, this is a widespread red. It is a marginally cool conditioned red which will look great on most skin tones. This is an incredible tone to suit Indian wear. An unquestionable requirement has for the wedding season and ladies to be!!

MAC Cosmetics lipsticks have without a doubt the best quality. In reality, on occasion, I feel it merits purchasing a solitary MAC lipstick, contrasted and purchasing 2-3 lipsticks from drugstore brands.

Pros And Cons Of Mac Red Lipstick

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-down” show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Good Pigmentation

Looks Great with Indian wear

Beautiful Color

Matte finish

Does not over dry lips

Lasts for 5 hours or more

Does not exchange a lot

Sits serenely on lips

Does not highlight the lip line a lot

Easily accessible across Mac stores in India and online in many countries[/i2pros][i2cons]I genuinely can’t think about any [/i2cons][/i2pc]

Would I Recommend This Red Lipstick

Mac russian red lipstick

Goodness yes!  Without a doubt 😉

I totally love MAC lipstick. It has been on my cosmetics container. And I am happy I purchased it. Go get this amazing Mac Russian red swatch 😉

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