2 Most Popular MAC Lipsticks Colors Purple Review & Swatches

MAC lipstick colors are very mainstream everywhere in the world and there’s a lipstick for each skin tone and appearance in its shade, across numerous completions – matte, ice, radiance, glossy silk, and so on Purple lipsticks are wonderful to make a style explanation and captivate everyone. In this post, we rattle off the 2 Most Popular MAC lipstick in Purple.

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MAC Lipstick Colors

Everyone knows MAC Cosmetics has a wide variety of colors and shades. MAC Cosmetics covers almost 42 Colors and 800+ shades. From those, I’m going to review the two best MAC Lipstick in this NYX Lipstick blog 😉



Mac purple lipstick heroine is a splendid purple lipstick on a matte surface. In the event that you love anything matte, purple, intense lips, one of a kind lipstick, at that point you gotta own this Mac purple lipstick heroine.



MAC Cosmetics portrays Rebel lipstick as clear pinkish purple lipstick. Revolutionary is a soft finish lipstick and it is a lovely purple-pink tone with no sparkle. MAC Rebel Lipstick is rich, skims on effectively, doesn’t get comfortable scarce differences, and stays on for over 6 hours.

MAC cosmetics in addition to the surface for the lips stand apart on the runway. Stews in the city! that make MAC Cosmetics so famous 😉


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3.0g/0.1 us oz

MAC Lipsticks Colors Shade Heroin

purple lipstick heroine

MAC Cosmetics describes this purple lipstick heroine as a splendid purple.

I should admit that Mac purple lipstick heroine is my first exemplary M.A.C lipstick from their standard line. I have a great deal of sheen incomparable shades. However, I never purchased any of these ordinary ones.

I realized this Mac purple lipstick heroine is a strong shade, very nearly a somewhat blue-purple, the most remarkable shade of lipstick I own to date. Mac purple lipstick shades (Heroin) truly shocked me by coming out to be a truly wearable shade.

At no point ever I could consider wearing Mac purple lipstick shades certainly outside however trust me, this is excessively stunning for words, it is a real sense that illuminates the face.


Mac lipsticks colors

Mac purple lipstick heroine comes in that charming exemplary shot molded instance of Mac Lipsticks Colors. The lipstick says matte which takes me leap with satisfaction. It is really a Mac deep purple matte lipstick and it goes dark in a matter of seconds.

These Mac purple lipstick shades are smooth to apply yet not rich or velvety.

The pigmentation of all the Mac purple lipstick swatches is stunning, you get the full tone in one go. The Mac purple lipstick heroine tone is a splendid purple yet it has solid blue tones to it. I think because I wore it with a cool conditioned pink become flushed and delicate smokey eyes (no liner except for just smeared dark shadow) I could pull it off.

For this, your base cosmetics must have some pink tones to them. I have yellow tones to my face currently, yet at the same time could wear this blue-conditioned shade! This is the best Mac lipstick colors for tan skin.

More About Tone

The tone has all the properties of a matte! This tends, to get cakey, get comfortable lines of lips, feel the dry, additional time you could see the lip lines effectively. However, I am a matte loving girl, and only sometimes have dry lips so I love it.

It kept going me perpetually, I wore it in two swipes and it endured me from 4 pm to 10 pm with dinners obviously disappearing. Mac purple lipstick heroine would get inconsistent and dry lips could glance horrendous in this shade and finish.

I additionally saw slight staining however nothing troublesome. This is also the best Mac lipstick colors for fair skin 😉

Overall Shade Description

purple lipstick heroine

Overall speaking, on the off chance that you love matte lipsticks, purple, are pink or unbiased skin-conditioned, wear pink reddens regularly, wear striking lips, at that point you gotta own this Mac purple color lipstick. I am very cherishing this tone for a change!

Alert, in the event that you are not used to matte lips, don’t get it.

Mac Lipsticks Colors Shade Rebel

Rebel Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics depicts Rebel Lipstick as distinctive pinkish purple.

This MAC Rebel Lipstick is a glossy soft finish lipstick and it is a dazzling purple-pink tone with no gleam. It is velvety, floats on effectively, doesn’t get comfortable scarce differences, and stays on over 6 hours. In fact, following an hour MAC Rebel Lipstick nearly become move confirmation and it stays as a matte completion lip tone on lips throughout the day.

Mac Rebel lipstick is an extraordinary invigorating tone for winters. At the point when I clench my hand saw it, I figured it would be too gothic on lips yet it isn’t. MAC Rebel Lipstick is only a fresher looking brilliant pinkish shade, which is incredible for winters.

Mac lipsticks colors

MAC Rebel Lipstick is the sort of shade that would suit most skin tones and especially here I’m talking about Mac lipstick colors for Indian skin. Be that as it may, the individuals who lean toward lighter shades or themselves, this may not be the best pick. In any case, one could absolutely wear this Mac purple color lipstick Rebel as a stain too.

Mac purple color lipstick Rebel is anything but a saturating lipstick yet it isn’t drying also.

Pros And Cons Of Purple Lipstick

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-down” show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Not inconsistent

Beautiful bundling

Doesn’t subside into the scarcely discernible differences of my lips

Universally complimenting shade

Smells scrumptious

Transfer Proof

Well pigmented

Glides easily

Staying power is incredible[/i2pros][i2cons]Hard to remove

Dries out lips

I just love Mac purple lipstick Rebel and suggest it. In fact, MAC Rebel Lipstick is one of those shades from MAC Cosmetics that I use to buy regularly.

So, here was the 2 best Mac Lipsticks Colors review. Hope you girls like it 😉

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