Lipstick Shades Of MAC: Whirl Lipstick Review & My Experience

Lipstick shades of MAC: I’m not specifically courageous with regards to make-up, my ordinary routine doesn’t change too a lot when I’m going out. I simply add a little lipstick!

From this, my fixation on lipsticks has developed enormously. It’s the most effortless method of refreshing your look from day to night, and furthermore finishing your outfit. I all the time utilize a splendid lip as a method of decorating my look.

Lipstick Shades Of MAC: Whirl Lipstick

Lipstick Shades Of Mac

What’s more, from my interest in lipstick development, so has my Lipstick Shades of MAC range. I have pretty much every tone from profound purple to neon pink, from delicate redden to normal nude. Furthermore, obviously a Lipstick shades nude of exemplary reds! (You can never need too many).

Lipstick shades of MAC Whirl from the Matte lip shade (which by the way is presenting some perpetual matte lipsticks) and my desire works out. Thus, we should peruse further to think about this Mac Whirl Lipstick, which has a cousin the Mac Whirl Lip Liner in the lasting reach.

Item Description

A lipstick with many tints, the notorious item that made MAC Cosmetics famous 😉


Rs. 1450 for 3.0g/0.1 us oz

MAC Lipstick shades nude Whirl as a messy rose with a matte completion.


This Mac Whirl Lipstick comes in the standard MAC bundling, not much, simply useful and tasteful matte dark. Subtleties of the Mac Whirl Swatch are referenced on the external container.

My Experience with MAC Whirl Lipstick


Lipstick Shades Of Mac

MAC Whirl Lipstick depicted as a messy rose by Lipstick shades of MAC is only that, a grimy rose tone with a trace of earthy color. Mac Whirl Lipstick is an excellent tone for ordinary wear just as night look. Mac Whirl Swatch will suit medium and lighter looking women well indeed. Women with brown complexion tones should look at it at the store to measure its reasonableness.

OMG! I love this dazzling shade.


Though this Mac Whirl Lipstick shade has a place with the nudes and light brown color family, the pigmentation, I am glad to say is full-on. Much the same as some other Lipstick shades of MAC range, a solitary swipe covers your lips in shading. Mac Whirl Lipstick is effectively buildable and doesn’t give a cakey look on layering.


Mac Whirl Lipstick

This Mac Whirl Lipstick shade has a place with the notable matte family from MAC cosmetics. The completion of Mac Whirl Swatch is flawlessly matte-like different mattes from MAC cosmetics. Mac Whirl Lipstick doesn’t dry out the lips, however is neither saturating.

In spite of the fact that women who don’t wear matte or have dry lips may feel awkward and might require a brief period and additional arrangement to become acclimated to the surface.

Following a couple of long stretches of wear (in the event that it actually endures), Lipstick shades nude can feel a piece drying. Mac Whirl Lipstick coasts on the lips easily with no pulling or pulling, in spite of the matte surface. Mac Whirl Swatch doesn’t sink into lines nor does it drain.

Yet, Mac Whirl Swatch sticks to dry patches and henceforth earlier peeling of lips will just upgrade its magnificence. It moves extremely less.

Longevity Or Staying Power

Lipstick shades nude

This is the place where the MAC lipsticks consistently baffle me (aside from some profound and brilliant tones). This Mac Whirl Swatch went on for around 2-3 hours on me with minor eating. A full feast will clear it off totally. For the bucks we pay, I feel the resilience of Lipstick shades of MAC ought to be somewhat more. Anyway, I have figured out how to keep my assumptions here to the base and wouldn’t fret reapplying my lipsticks.

Pros And Cons Of MAC Whirl Lipstick

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-down” show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Exemplary rose shade with traces of earthy colored

The notable vanilla aroma of MAC

Genuine matte completion

Skims on the lips easily


Doesn’t subside into lines nor does it drain

Moves incompletely not totally

Stunning pigmentation, simply a swipe is sufficient[/i2pros][i2cons]Can be a bit of drying for dry lips following a couple of long stretches of wear

Sticks to dry patches on the lips

Resilience is normal, goes on for 2-3 hours


So, this was my Lipstick shades of MAC Whirl review. Hope you girls like it 😉

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