Know how much a legal abortion costs in Cdmx

Know how much a legal abortion costs in Cdmx

When a woman is faced with an unexpected pregnancy and makes the decision to interrupt her pregnancy, one of her other concerns about finding a safe and legal clinic is to know the cost of an abortion in Mexico City or Oaxaca, the costs of an abortion. They are different and depend on 2 important points:

Clinicas privadas para abortar CDMX


The private clinic you have chosen and the type of procedure you select to carry out the termination of the pregnancy.


Remember that there are 2 types of procedures allowed to terminate pregnancy: Pill Abortion and Aspiration Abortion


For now we leave you the prices of the legal abortion that we have in the Ginecea Clinic, they are unique prices and nothing more than the prices that are published will be charged.




MEDICATION PROCEDURE: Includes medical consultation, medications, contraceptive method, check-up appointment $ 3,000

MVA PROCEDURE WITH LOCAL ANESTHETIC: Includes; Medical studies, MVA procedure, Contraceptive method, Revision appointment $ 4,500

MVA PROCEDURE WITH ENDOVENOUS GENERAL SEDATION: Includes; Medical studies, MVA procedure, Contraceptive method, check-up appointment $ 5,500

Price of medical abortion

The cost of abortion with medications will depend on the medications used by the legal abortion clinics of your choice, the prices of a medical abortion can range from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000.


Price of surgical or aspiration abortion

The price of a surgical abortion or aspiration abortion depends on the technique and anesthesia used in the procedure. Some abortion clinics in CDMX offer the service of surgical abortion by manual aspiration or mechanical aspiration, and in surgical abortion local anesthesia, general sedation or analgesics can be used.


Costs of surgical abortion with anesthesia

The Ginecea Clinic offers 2 types of anesthesia so that women can have access to a legal abortion without pain and peace of mind. The local anesthesia and sedation generates. The cost of an abortion will depend on this choice. All prices for the termination of pregnancy include medical consultation, medical studies, election procedure, IUD insertion, check-up consultation.


We also remind you that the health sector in Mexico City and Oaxaca offer this service for free in public institutions. If you are looking for a free service, we invite you to check the clinics and requirements of these dependencies.


That the cost of abortion in Mexico City does not determine your selection of the clinic to interrupt your pregnancy, it is the details of the quality and professionalism of the doctors that should be most important to you.