Joyful Bath Co. crafts natural and organic body care products

Bath bombs are natural and organic body care products including hemp ultra therapy, mentholated shower steamers, bath bombs, face & body soaps, and bath salts.
Vegan and cruelty-free, our products contain naturally effective healing ingredients – pure hemp extract, menthol, coconut oil, ginger root, oats, green tea, coconut milk, mustard seed, and more.
Joyful Bath Co. products are attractively eco-packaged making them highly gift-worthy and reusable.
Joyful Bath Co. LLC is a 100% woman-owned company located in Maryland. Founded in 2008 by Rochel Roland.

“This Brand is for people who want to work towards a healthier, better, more fulfilled version of themselves.”

Sometimes it feels as though aches and worries have a mind of their own.

The whole idea behind Joyful Bath Co. is to create a more fulfilling lifestyle. In times of added physical, mental, or emotional strain, an overindulgence of self-care may be a good way to begin releasing some of that tension. A home spa experience can enable you to defeat stress with relaxation and meet disconnection with mindfulness.


You should be able to lighten up and relax with all-natural, organic bath products that don’t harm the environment. That’s why our founder, Rochel Roland, originally created Joyful Bath Co., and our line of handmade bath bombs, bath salts, and other bath care products are all made from only the best natural ingredients, that are good for you, and good for our planet.