How To Increase Hair Density? !00% Natural Remedies

Hair density is a measurement of what proportion of hair you’ve got on your head, or how densely packed your hair follicles are on your scalpLow-density hair affects the amount and shape of your hair as a whole. And it impacts what hair care merchandise you ought to use and the manner high-quality to fashion your hair texture. In this Nyx Lipstick Blog, I’m going to tell you the 8 best natural remedies on how to increase hair density.

What Is Hair Density?

hair density

On average, all people have about 2, two hundred strands of hair. Since it is probably hard to count all hair strands.  A manner simpler thanks to measuring hair density is to drag your hair at some stage in a ponytail and degree the circumference of the ponytail.

Low-density hair is going to be however two inches. Medium-density will degree between two to 3 inches and high density is going to be no less than 4 inches.

Today, we might be talking about natural ways to grow gorgeous hair density serum to enhance hair density. Most folks are worried about our hair looking thinlimp, and brittleLimp hair is usually thanks to improper hair care routine or regularly exposing your hair to heat.

Sometimes, your hair can also grow to be limp thanks to hormonal issues, PCOS, and genetic factors. A pregnant woman may suffer from limp hair texture thanks to the drastic changes in her body.

Nicely, no matter what is the reason behind your skinnylimp, and brittle hair, you will select these clean treatments to enhance the hair density. For increasing the hair extent and density, it’s far important to conform with accurate hair care regular and treatments.

Effective Ways to extend Hair Density

Try Herbal With Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

The use of ALOE VERA PLANT is one of the trustworthy and powerful remedies in order to assist to moisturize your hair and also enhance the hair densityAloe Vera plant’s gel contains vitamins that beef up the hair folliclesconsequently, improving the hair density easily.

It makes your hair look beautiful and glossy additionally. Take some Aloe Vera and rub it down onto your scalp. Cowl the hair nicely and go away from it for at the very least hour. Wash with water later. This Aloe Vera remedy works like the ordinary multi-peptide serum naturally.

 Choose Fenugreek Remedy


The usage of fenugreek seeds is some other effective remedy so that you can assist to save your hair fall, therefore, improving the hair density easily. Fenugreek contains an antioxidant that fights against radicals that weaken the follicles and it also works like the ordinary multi-peptide serum for hair density.

Take some fenugreek seeds and soak them overnight. Now, grind them to form a paste and apply to the roots. Leave it for an hour and wash with cold water.

Henna Remedy


Henna is usually employed by women so as to urge soft and opulent hair. But, another factor that creates henna beneficial for Low density hair is that it’s a volume booster. Take one cup of henna powder, add one ingredient, Yogurt and Juice thereto.

If needed, you’ll also add tea water. Mix together and apply on the scalp and permit it to the line for a few times. Wash with water.

Oil Massage Helps A Lot

Oil Massage

The normal utility of oil on hair is extraordinarily useful to treat numerous hair troublesScalp massage helps to spice up blood circulation which prevents the hair fall problem.

It strengthens the roots, thus, improving the quantity and Low density hair. You’ll choose natural oils like copra oilolive oilargan oil, etc. for hair massage. Apply oil a minimum of twice during a week to enjoy healthy hair texture.

Include Vitamin C In Your Diet

hair density Vitamin C

Including vitamin C is one of the foremost important hair texture care regimes that you simply should follow to enhance hair density. You ought to consume tons of vitamin C rich food.

Which may help to strengthen the hair roots and also promote voluminous hair texture. You ought to include fruits like lemonkiwioranges, etc. in your daily routine.

Gelatine Remedy


Observe Gelatine treatment to instantly enhance hair volume and enhance hair density. Yes, Gelatine is superb for growth, and hence, is often used also and works like grow gorgeous hair density serum. Take 2 spoons of Gelatine and blend it with two spoons of water.

Add one spoon of lemon, one spoon of Aloe Vera and blend together. Apply this on your scalp and leave it for an hour. Wash with water.

Onion And Honey Hair Loss Cure

Onion And Honey Hair Loss Cure

As we all know, onion is a superb remedy that will help to stop hair loss problems easily. It’s also great in improving the texture and increasing the ordinary multi-peptide serum for hair density.

Take grind/grate and half onion to extract some juice. Add some honey and yogurt. Mix together and apply on the scalp. Wash with lukewarm water after one hour.

Live Stress-Free Life

Live Stress-Free Life

50 percent of the ladies or men who affect hair care problem, generally, have a level of stress. Stress can’t only unbalance your mental stability, but it affects your hair growth also. Stress has been liable for excessive hair fall or hair thinning problems.

Living a stress-free life is natural thanks to improving hair texture. Choose yoga or meditation within the morning to measure a stress-free life.

What natural ways do you use to grow hair density?

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