Eyeliner Styles Of 2020 You Should Know!

For Eyeliner Styles, it is continually agreeable to switch up your beautifier’s look, which is the explanation I am offering to you the eight major eyeliner styles every woman should know.

Eyeliner Styles

Eyeliner Styles

Whether or not you like the essential beautifying ladies’ look or like to go for something progressively passionate. Every woman should pick the eight major Eyeliner Styles. In this Nyx Lipstick blog, I’m going to share some of the eyeliner styles and Eyeliner Looks.

Don’t for the most part stick to one beautifier’s look, adventure outside your typical scope of commonality, and supplement your eyes with different eyeliner styles.

Here is a complete guide on picking distinctive eyeliner styles that will upgrade the regular state of your eyes.

Monolids Eyeliner Styles


monolid offers the ideal canvas to mess with sensational winged permanent eyeliner styles, beautiful liners, and feline eye look. You can go for emotional smokey eyes to improve your eye shape.

To make more definition to the attachments of the eyes, utilize a delicate permanent eyeliner styles pencil to make feline eye or winged eyeliner. You can likewise smirch it out at the external corners, utilizing a little smear brush.



Wide eyes call for bolder eye looks. You can likewise characterize the internal corners of the eyes to additional improve their excellence. Utilizing a waterproof dark liner pencil, make a minuscule “V” in the inward corner of your eye.

At that point, go over the line with a liquid liner and wing it out at the external corner. At the point when you are applying permanent eyeliner styles, attempt to keep a similar line thickness right across.

Close-Set Eyes

Close-Set Eyes

For styles of eyeliner, You need to make the dream that your eyes are more extensive separated than they are, and accentuating the external corners of the eyes will assist you with accomplishing that. You can attempt the styles of eyeliner with equal wings reaching out from the upper and lower lash lines.

Or, you can make an all-inclusive ‘V‘ by following 33% of the upper and lower lash line and following it with a thick wing. Likewise, for styles of eyeliner, try not to line right to your tear conduit as this will stress the closeness of your eyes.

Almond Eyes Eyeliner Styles

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes look great in all things in Liquid Eyeliner Styles! Practically any liquid eyeliner styles look will suit almond molded eyes. To play up and improve the shape, start with an exceptionally flimsy line in the internal corners. And afterward, make the thickness once you arrive at the external piece of your eye.

You can either stop there or add a slight wing toward the end. For more sensational impact, convey the – shading down along your base lash line.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyes

There are many types of eyeliner styles. You need to attempt to make your eyes look greater with eyeliner. Start by thickening your lash base by applying liner between the foundations of your lashes and make certain to apply your liner thicker at the external corner of your eye.

In case you’re going for a feline eye, a thick, lengthened wing will give your eyes the most shape and definition. Additionally, recollect to not matte eyeliner to the eyelid. However, rather apply eyeliner to the upper waterline rather open up your eyes.

Downturned Eyes

Downturned Eyes

You might want the figment of longer eyes. You can explore different avenues regarding various flicks to see which one suits you the best. You can begin by just coating the external 66% of the top and base lash lines.

Combine the two lines at the external corner and make this somewhat thicker by smearing the liner outwards, or by adding a wing with a liquid liner.

Small Eyes

Small Eyes

You can swipe eyeliner looks along the upper lash line however don’t fill in your inward edge. For a sensational impact, thicken the liner as it arrives at the external corner of your eyes on both lash lines for eyeliner looks.

Blur it out towards the internal corners and add a bit of highlighter to open up the eyes. Likewise, never apply dim eyeliner on your base water line, as this will make your eyes look significantly more modest.

My Overall Words on Eyeliner Style

Eyeliner Styles

The Natural Eyeliner Style

The trademark eyeliner style is exactly when you line your upper eye cover. This is for the days when you are running late, or just for the days when you are getting things done. When you don’t need to excitement up yet simultaneously need to look stunning. If there is one basic eyeliner you should perfect, it is this one.

The Winged Eyeliner Style

It wouldn’t be a summary of basic eyeliner styles without the winged eyeliner, in any case, called the catlike eye. This is for when you need to incorporate a bit of the show to your eyes. The winged eyeliner style is ideal for eventsweddingsdates, and so forth.

The V-formed Eyeliner Style

The V-framed eyeliner style is certainly one of the easiest eyeliner styles every woman should know. It is ordinarily gotten done with a determined brush, drawing a line from the outer bit of the lower lash line upwards, and interfacing it with the eyeliner in your upper eye cover. I like to consider the V-framed eyeliner style the ideal technique to supplement your eyes, especially if your eyes are pretty much nothing and need description.

Pros and Cons Of Liquid Eyeliners

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-down” show_title=”true” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Utilizing this kind of eyeliner permits you to get a more exact blueprint of your eyes. The tip of a fluid eyeliner pen is fine and permits you to follow your eyes with no more sweat than you would with a pencil. Also, it goes on easily without chipping or breaking.

Is there a sort of eye following that you have been needing to attempt yet didn’t know you could accomplish? Utilizing a fluid eyeliner is an extraordinary method to get imaginative with your follows. Since the tip is slender and your lines more exact, you can utilize your eyeliner pen to evaluate new styles.

Another extraordinary thing about fluid eyeliner is that you don’t need to battle to get the correct tip for following your eyes. Since it arrives in a pen-like style, you at this point don’t need to hone or shape it to accomplish the ideal outcomes.[/i2pros][i2cons]You can’t just open the package for the first time you pick up a liquid eyeliner and use it with meticulous precision. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of using liquid eyeliner is that you need to get used to it, and that takes practice.

If you make a mistake using a liquid eyeliner, it is going to take some time to clean off. You may end up with red eyes by the time you get it right. Therefore, if you are about to go out and are using your liquid eyeliner without much experience, you might end up with unsightly eyes.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

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