Experience the ultimate rejuvenation with the exclusive performance

The longest operating hours and premium battery life ensure superior therapeutic sessions. It features a SmoothDrive pressure sensor technology and brushless bi-powered motor. The all-new Booster Elite is equipped with unparalleled features which include a 7-speed gear shift, 16mm stroke depth, 23kg stroke strength 4800mAH lithium battery, and 8 different massage heads.

Moreover, the initial speed levels provide instant muscle relaxation and activation whereas the higher speed levels ensure a deep-tissue massage making it one of the favourite muscle gun to be use by athlete.

Proven record

The Booster Elite can be founded used by Chiropractors, Physiotherapist, Gym Personal Trainer and Professional Athlete throughout Australia. We are also the official recovery partner of State of Origin for rugby players.

Powerful treatment


Proprietary brushless and commercial-grade motor with SmoothDrive Technology™ delivers renowned BOOSTER power while being quieter than ever, making the BOOSTER Elite easily the strongest massage gun for only one-third of the cost of a Theragun Pro.

Best Massage Vibration Gun

Equipped with advanced built-in pressure sensor technology that provides visual feedback through the LED touch screen throughout your massage, the Booster Elite ensures that you can accurately provide your body with only the best relaxing treatment.

24 hours long battery life

We know how frustrating batteries seem to only last five minutes, that's why the BOOSTER Elite Massage Gun will last up to 24 hours on a single charge meaning that It's ready to go when you are!

The 4800MaH Large Capacity Samsung battery makes the BOOSTER Elite the longest-lasting battery life massage gun on the market.


Proprietary brushless commercial-grade motor with SmoothDrive Technology™



4800mAh battery with operating power up to 24 hours and precise battery indicator display



Smart Percussive Therapy™ with pressure sensor control system



OLED screen with pressure monitor



Customizable speed range (1250-3200 PPMs)



Delivers up to 23kg of no-stall force


Industry-leading, Australian-based 24 month local warranty